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The gold standard did not collapse. Government abolished it in order to pave the way for inflation. The whole grim apparatus of big government, oppression and coercion had to be put into action to destroy the gold standard....

November, 2015

Shunning the Ministry of Silly Walks Talks
…in the land of economic science fiction

 I sometimes think far too many people lurch about as if they are living on the set of a remake of “The Day of the Triffids” (1963), based on a 1951 post-apocalyptic novel about a plague of fiscal blindness that befalls almost the entire world, allowing for the rise of an aggressive species of central planners carnivorous plants.

B-movie science fiction aside, the investment strategy of eyes wide shut is no longer an option as the global economy is suffering through a highly contagious financial pandemic.  Pay no attention to the American ministers of silly talk (economists, central planners) or their inane patter of an economy that is on the mend as evidenced by their poorly cobbled,  “positive employment indicators”. More

September, 2015

Collapse of the Keynesian Debt Star
during every supernova event gravity always wins

I wonder if any economic lessons may be learned from studying the death of a star.  During its lifetime an economy a star sits balanced between the forces of gravity trying to make it collapse and its own heat trying to make it explode. When the star runs out of fuel to keep its temperature high enough to offset the reality of gravity, the entire mass of the star implodes against its dense core. This results in an immense explosion known as a supernova event. In other words, the reality of gravity is inevitable. Gravity can be opposed but not overcome. More

April, 2015

Thinking Outside the Data
…escaping the fallout of failure

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts…” – D.P. Moynihan
The same must be said about economic facts!

In spite of the blatant and perverse fondling of economic data and the repellent and ungracious diddling of what makes up the core definition of an economic
fact or fundamental, the little grey men are in a dither. Their insular
byzantine bureaucracy of central planning has become enveloped in what one outspoken pundit calls “a cloying catamitian miasma”. More

September, 2014

Keynesian Delusion and Desperation
…morphs into the Sultans of Swing

"Debt is Wealth". It is difficult to imagine a rigid codification of beliefs more suggestive of mental illness than those that lie at the heart of the neo-Keynesian delusion. Be it a sophisticated swindle or a tawdry flim-flam, both rely upon sleight of hand and delusion; and we all know that delusion detests focus. A successful delusion succeeds only for as long as it can hide behind a veil. For decades the Keynesian “debt is wealth” paradigm has provided such a veil. The paradigm is now broken. The veil is torn - exposing a poorly forged global economy. There is a clamour in the streets. And human nature being what it is, meaningful and organic change only occurs through the zest of inspiration or the stench of desperation. More

August, 2014

Unease within the Economic Anti-Reality Construct
...central planning magic fails (again)

A successful magic show relies upon smooth sleight of hand, subtle distraction and timely diversion. Mastering his craft, the successful magician is able to perform amazing magic tricks, offer stunning illusions and present mesmerizing magic shows. Be smooth, you become the star headliner in Las Vegas. Be a ham-fist and you wind up twisting balloons at children’s birthday parties. And speaking of the ham-fist makes me wonder how many of our central bankers and bumbling government leaders still have a mummified rabbit in a mouldy top-hat and a forgotten bag of balloons hidden away in their basement or attic? More  

July, 2014

Plumbing the Economic Gravity Well
…exposing the desperation of Neo-Keynesian dumpster diving

The Summer 2014 Economy, echoes of déjà vu, or a simple case of jamais vu?
The answer depends if you are grounded in reality or remain dogged and somewhat desperate to the delusion of recovery. All I can say is here we go again; gabble reminiscent of the “summer of recovery” (2009), and the “summer recovery” (2010). If memory serves, the creative buzz during the both failed recovery summers swirled around jingoism; ‘green collar jobs’ and ‘shovel ready projects’. Here we are in summer 2014 and it is all about ‘escape velocity’.

June, 2014

In The Real Economy
… beware of Krampus Claus

The ruinous money printing scheme by both America and Japan have failed. We are rapidly approaching the day where the piper must be paid. The heady days of a jovial Santa reaching into his Fed bag and doling out brightly wrapped ‘unconventional money policy’ gifts have ended. The QE toys are either broken or need new batteries; all we are left with is a mess. Our little bearded Santa has exited the building. Not to worry, just as one Mister Claus has left the room, another has taken his place; Santa’s erstwhile rival Krampus Claus. Oh wait, perhaps we should worry!  Reason: When the evil Krampus prowls the white marble halls of the Federal Reserve or stalks the pampered and petted, glutinous denizens of Wall Street, he also totes a giant gift bag. His gifts are wrapped in plain sack cloth and are labelled ‘payment overdue’, ‘day of reckoning’ and ‘recession’. More

May, 2014

The Neo-Keynesian Addiction to Idea Infatuation
… failing to sell the Fool’s Cap as a Diadem

Alas the mindset of the knavish and tyrannical neo-Keynesian. They remain obsessed with wrapping their tattered cloak of “Idea Infatuation” around the diseased husk of Keynesian Economics. As a result of this nebulous infatuation, the Keynesian refuses to recognize the epic failure of Quantitative Easing in America, or Abenomics in Japan. And lest we forget, the refusal of the Keynesian to absorb any share of responsibility for the hefty financial hardship imposed upon the people following the Great Cyprus Bank Robbery. I only mention that tawdry event to draw attention to the lack of morality and scruples within the European banking system. More 

April, 2014

Bulldozers Trump Guilty Ghosts
...destroying free-floating fear and foreboding

A growing number of the American people are awakening to the realization that the structure of their economy is based on vapor and echo, crudely reminiscent of the plot line to “The Others”; a multi-award winning horror movie starring Nicole Kidman as the rigidly religious ghost Grace Stewart. And unlike the ham-fist buffoonery attributed to the nefarious architects of the fading American economy, “The Others” is not a freak show of cheap parlour tricks, but a waiting game in which an atmosphere of dread slowly envelops the characters. More

March, 2014

Rumble In The Street(s)
…bullets trumped by dangerous books

Everyone holds a perception of what constitutes ‘the street’. Regardless of your definition, concede the fact that according to media reports, many streets are experiencing a degree of crisis, upheaval and turbulent change. Yes, the mainstream media brings us hourly updates on the more lurid and catastrophic, but that is not the whole story. With all the attention focused on the high streets and the mean streets, you can be forgiven if you are missing out on the positive upheaval in the form of growing enlightenment and renewal taking place on streets less traveled. More

February, 2014

Last Exit to Reality
….sheer abyss just ahead

As goes January, so goes the year,” commonplace on Wall Street since 1972. This has been proven correct 62 of the last 85 years (73 percent).

No matter how hard the mainstream media and pro-Keynesian tout sites try to soothe and nudge the retail investor into participating in the increasingly corrupt unstable stock market, we know different. Last month I only grazed over the blatant corruption within the rigged market system; …”will morph into a much bigger story. We do know this: Rigged markets always contain the seeds of their own destruction!”

There is no question that throughout January the level of political and financial corruption, market rigging and price fixing has accelerated. When a reader challenged the severity of my January report, and wanted stronger proof the venerable London Gold Fix was corrupt. My response:   

I suppose that in some obscene alternate universe, I could be wrong. After all, manipulated stock prices, foreclosure fraud, stroked Libor rates, money laundering, a rise in shadow banking, diddled credit default swaps, manipulating IPO’s, wash trading, grifting money from pension funds with impunity, fondling the aluminum market, bribing or strong-arming ratings agencies, hidden and excessive bank fees, mortgage fraud, etc…does not necessarily mean there are cretins at work, jacking and jigging the precious metals market. Really?


January, 2014

Adversos Venalicium Turpis
…against the corrupt market system

According to Sextus Empiricus, an outlier who challenged the integrity of the system was bound to possess his own criterion of truth, or he plays the fool. If based upon common sense, morality, logic, and honoring the rule of law, that criterion becomes both trustworthy and irrefutable – no matter what say the spokesmen of the corrupt market system. More 

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