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I do not think it is an exaggeration to say history is largely a history of inflation, usually inflations engineered by governments for the gain of governments."  Friedrich Hayek

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." -- Aldous Huxley

Gold is a universal currency - simplistic, honest and trustworthy. Gold holds value over the long term.   My goal is to expose the sense and nonsense of the econo-babble and boil the discussion down to the fundamentals by providing (only the) pertinent information. Mission Statement.

LMR is an economic commentary blog offering an assemblage of current news, editorial opinion and in-depth reports pertaining to precious metals, fiat currencies and the global economy.

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Onward Toward Bullion Bank Collapse
Craig Hemke
The events of Friday not only speed the eventual collapse of the Bullion Bank Paper Derivative Pricing Scheme, they also highlight the fraud of this current system and shine light upon the utter desperation of these Banks to maintain it.

Jim Rogers on Brexit: "Worse than any bear market you’ve seen in your lifetime."
Lawrence Lewitinn

The UK's decision to leave the European Union will lead to an economic crisis more severe than what the world faced in 2008, according to legendary investor Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings.

"The Global Economy Can No Longer Rely On Debt" - BIS Warns
Bank for International Settlements
It's late June which means it is time for the annual warning by the Bank of International Settlements about the growing futility of monetary policy and central bank impotence.  Within the summary -  "Easy-money policies and unprecedented monetary stimulus have started to backfire in global financial markets".

Brexit: The System Cannot Hold
Automatic Earth
Holland, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Hungary, they will all have calls for referendums. Greece already had one a year ago. The center cannot hold. Nor can the system. If referendums were held in all remaining 27 EU member states, the union would be a lot smaller the next morning. The Unholy Union depends on people not getting a say.

A New Balance Of Power In The Gold Market
Zero Hedge
The Shanghai exchange is a physical market, where buyers go to get actual gold and silver. Prices are set by sellers with metal to move and buyers who want to take delivery. On the Western paper exchanges, in contrast, the players mostly gamble on price movements using futures contracts with very little actual metal changing hands.

Durable-Goods Orders Sink Across The Board in May
Greg Robb
Orders for long-lasting goods critical to U.S. economic growth declined across the board in May, raising further doubts about the health of the economy in the wake of the weak jobs report.

More Anomalous Gold Data In Latest Swiss Import/Export Figures
Lawrence Williams
The latest gold import and export data from Switzerland, one of the few countries to report these flows in detail, as usual open up some interesting insights into global supply and demand. Overall Swiss gold exports rose by around 20% month on month to 177.3 tonnes making the country a net exporter

Policy Dilemma: Back to the Future or the Dark Ages?
Soon after the June 1979 electoral victory in the United Kingdom, Lady Margaret Thatcher, the new Prime Minister, eliminated restrictions on the ability to move money in and out of the United Kingdom. Some of her supporters regard it as one of her best and most revolutionary acts. The Telegraph noted that “in the economic dark ages that were the 1970s, UK citizens could forget about buying property abroad, purchasing foreign equities, or financing a holiday. The economic impact was devastating.

US Investors Jump On Australian Kangaroo Coins
Rhiannon Hoyle
Sales of silver coins from the Australian mint have doubled over the past year, far outpacing growth in demand for other coins including those made of gold and the US Mint’s popular silver American eagles.

Gold Reserves a Key Strategy Again
Everett Millman
Up until the second half of the 20th century, the most important factor that determined the strength of a country’s monetary system was how much precious metal it could stockpile in the form of gold reserves. To some economists, this regime was decried as simplistic, inflexible—even “barbarous.” Nonetheless, such a system that relied upon a gold standard worked remarkably well in terms of maintaining order and stability across the international landscape.

"We Have Reached The Point That Keynes Warned Of In His General Theory."
Christopher Maloney
Now that new warnings about failing central bank policy are emerging every single day, from Deutsche Bank, Citigroup and Bank of America, among others, here courtesy of Bloomberg's Christopher Maloney is a brand new one, one which take a different angle, and suggests that none other than Keynes predicted just the "dead end" outcome that the world finds itself in right now.

You are currently living through the dumbest monetary experimental end game in history
Eugene von Bohm-Bawerk
We have seen several explanations for the financial crisis and its lingering effects depressing our global economy in its aftermath. Some are plain stupid, such as greed for some reason suddenly overwhelmed people working within finance, as if people in finance were not greedy before 2007. Others try to explain it through “liberalisation” which is almost just as nonsensical as government regulators never liberalised anything, but rather allowed fraud, in polite company called fractional reserve banking, to grow unrestrained.

The World Economy Is Stagnating Like It’s 1937
Eric Levitz
A financial crisis sends the global economy into recession. The U.S. government responds with a fiscal and monetary stimulus. Growth recovers, and unemployment drops, but the debts and psychological scars of the downturn linger.

Golden Reign drills 6.9 m of 14.45 g/t Au at San Albino
Golden Reign Resources Ltd. has released final assay results from the now-completed, combined metallurgical/infill drilling program on its wholly owned San Albino gold deposit, located in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. (I am sticking to my forecast that the high-grade San Albino Gold Mine will become the most important gold mine in Nicaragua by the end of  2017)

Gold And Silver - Insanity Is World "Norm." Keep Stacking!
Michael Noonan
We know of no discernible line where stupid begins; but for sure, it does not end. There are two primary reasons for the never-ending goal of buying and holding physical gold and silver.  

Switzerland Withdraws Application To Join EU: Only "Lunatics May Want To Join Now."
Resentment toward the EU hit a new high yesterday when the upper house of the Swiss parliament on Wednesday followed in the footsteps of Iceland, and voted to invalidate its 1992 application to join the European Union, backing an earlier decision by the lower house.

Money Velocity refers to the income velocity of money, which is the frequency at which the average unit of currency is used to purchase newly domestically-produced goods and services within a given time period. In other words, it is the number of times one unit of money is spent to buy goods and services per unit of time.  How can America be in recovery when the velocity of money continues to drop?

'X' Marks The Spot - Wages Started Losing When The Dollar Delinked From Gold In 1971
One could of course comment on the actions of that economic bedlamite, Richard Nixon – but the chart speaks volumes:

Is it rational to hold a medium of exchange (US dollar) that has lost 95% of its value since 1913?   Own gold!

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